Flavour delivered to your door every month!

A convenient and time saving way to plan your weekly meals and generate new family faves ready to pull out of your back pocket like a pro!


Save Time

No more measuring out a teaspoon of this and that. One scoop and you've got instant flavour packed in.

Meal Planning Done

Recipe cards and a no-fluff, how-to video each month. All loaded up online on an easy to navigate site.


Delivered to your door every month all wrapped up in compostable packaging.

Eat Healthier

Create tasty food made with real ingredients. All blends are organic, gluten and additive free.

"The Secret Spice Society"

Here's what you get....

  • 100g (approx 10 tablespoons!) of Mind Blowing organic spice each month on your doorstep (AUS only atm)
  • The opportunity to buy previous blends each month (extra cost)
  • 3 stunning Recipe Cards to make meal planning simple (the old fashioned type that you can touch and feel!)
  • Access to a Private Facebook Group to share your own concoctions and get inspired
  • Monthly Live Cook Along to give you more inspo and meal planning ideas
  • A membership website to easily access all the monthly recipe cards and videos 
  • Cancel at any time (14 days before the next delivery)
  • Did I mention they are all gluten and additive free? Just spice and all things nice!

Email me if you want more details HERE


Here's an example of how I use them....

The same spice blend has been used to make these three meals but they are all very different. A couple of tablespoons squeezed through the meatballs in the soup that infuses through the broth and veggies, a couple of teaspoons in the spinach and feta frittata for a little more depth of flavour and a good fat dose on these chicken-y bits that are used to make salad for lunches. All done in under an hour!

At around $2.50 per tablespoon, plus the saved time and effort coming up with these ideas, it's a no-brainer!


"These spices will become your go-to way of choosing your meals each week. I will show you how to use them in different ways so you'll never get sick of the flavour. I'm talking soups, stews, sauces and super tasty spice rubs. Every month you'll always have some leftover so you can get a little collection going and have even more choice week in, week out.""

- Kimberly

Here's the thing.....

Every month you'll experience a new flavour bomb dance across your taste buds. Made by me and hand packed every month. All spice blends are gluten and additive free. Organic spices are used except if unavailable. You can cancel any time but it must be 14 days before the shipment date.

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